Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Learner Lisence Goals

My goal is to get to mobile learner lisence. Mobile learner lisence means we can work anywhere in the school instead of the class. I will do that by staying on task and not talking to people when they try to distract me.

Maths Goal

In maths my goals is to learn how to solve simple problems involving exponents (powers). I think that it will be easy but will take a bit of working out. It might get harder when it gets to higher numbers though.

Thursday, 23 July 2015


In maths I have been doing perimeter, area and trigonometry/pythagoras. I think I have improved a lot since last term

Writing Goals

In writing we have set writing goals. We had to have a punctuation goal and another goal. My punctuation goal is to use advanced punctuation and my other goal is to use long and short sentences for effect.


In reading I have been learning about polychaetes (poly-keets). I learnt about several different marine worms like tube worms, lug worms and several more. We then got feedback about our work.

Wednesday, 1 July 2015


In Maori we are learning to do the weather forecast in Maori. We used a poster of New Zealand and pointed to a place when we said a places name.


In reading a few weeks ago I read a story about keeping Kiwi safe in a sanctuary in the middle of Welington. We then had to draw the fence and all the parts too like the top hat to stop climbers and the bottom part to stop diggers. We also had to have good measurements so the top hat was a good size in proportion to the fence height.


In maths I have been learning how to do pythagoras and trigonometry. I have learnt how to find the length of one of the sides from a shape.

Learning Licenses

In room 26 we have learning licenses.  There are four licenses, Mobile, Independent, Regulated and Teacher. Mobile means you can go anywhere in the school to learn. Independent means you can work anywhere in the class. Regulated means you can work anywhere but Mr Brown can choose if he thinks your not working well. Teacher means you have to be work next to them. I am on Independent because sometimes I get distracted but not too often

Career Board

In writing we have been doing writing about our chosen career and made a presentation board. Me and Tom did a career board together since we could only use half a board each.

The left side is mine, the right side is Tom's.