Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Consumer Rights

Walt describe the rights and responsibilities of consumers and businesses.
S-C when we have got all of the questions right.
We had to right yes or no depending on the question (if we think the consumer can take the item back for a refund).

Gemma Finds A Kiwi

Walt find select and retrieve information.
S-C -skimming -summarising -scanning 
We did a story pyramid about this story. A story pyramid is when you right 1-8 words about the story eg number 4 was 4 words describing the problem in the story.
My next step is make more words descriptive.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Integrated learning

In integrated learning we have been learning about consumer rights.
We did an activity with bubbles where we each had 1.50 and there were tools and detergent with water and some had more water and less detergent.


In reading we did a work sheet called Cold Water Survival about how to survive in the water.
After reading the article we did an activity with some questions about the article.

Friday, 16 May 2014

My Recount

As we got on the bus I started writing excited (not for the bus ride). After a few hours we stopped and had morning tea at a old train station. After Danny, Tom and I ate we started jumping across the train tracks and that was quite easy. Then we went on the bus for a few hours until we got to Wainui. 

I was happy when we got to Wainui because I didn't vomit. The teachers said there was a big walk to get there but it was short. When we got to the top we had lunch and talked to our friends. Then we went inside our rooms to put our luggage away. Then else went to the common room to talk about what room is what and our activities. 

After getting changed for coastearing my group went to the coastearing place. Lowering ourselfs down with a rope was fun and then I saw the water and it looked cold but fun. When I got it in it was fun walking/swimming around the rocks then we found a rock to jump off which I did. When I jumped off the rock and landed in the water I swam and swam in the water and jumped of the rock until we had to go.

Monday, 12 May 2014


In reading I did a worksheet called parachuting.

It has a article in it and then had questions about parachuting.