Wednesday, 2 July 2014


Walt write an explanation

Consumers and businesses both have rights, if businesses don't follow these rights they will lose customers and money. I'm going to explain how businesses lose customers, how businesses lose trust in manufactures and how customers lose time.

Businesses  can lose customers in a few different ways and not only does it lose money it can give them a bad name. One of the ways to lose customers is to always sell faulty/broken items. Another way is to mislead customers a lot, (this means giving false information to customers). For an example say you bought an item and it was faulty so you took it back and you got another faulty item you might stop shopping there.

Trust is important for businesses and manufactures. Manufactures have to keep trust by not continuously making faulty items and make/deliver products on time. Every business they lose is very costly, which believe it or not is a lot more than you would think. For an example a business said to someone come back tomorrow and and we will have this item and then the manufacturer didn't deliver the item on time the business wouldn't trust the manufacturer.

Time is one thing you can't get more of and when you continuously have to take items back you lose a lot of time. If businesses make you take a lot of items back you will lose time and might stop shopping there. Consumers can also lose time by getting misled and having to sort out the problem. For an example you were mislead and you went to the shop to sort it out and they were busy so you had to wait.

These are the effects of when a business or consumer does not meet their responsibilities.

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